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Bentolit is an innovative way to lose weight. Reach -30 kg in one month. Original price € 49.

How to get Bentolit drinks in Portugal through the official website:

  1. Fill out a simple order form on the website, indicating your name and phone number
  2. Waiting for feedback from the company manager
  3. Specify the date and delivery address, confirm the order

After 2-7 days, you can pick up the package with the drink and start the conversion. This fast weight loss drink based on bentonite will help you lose weight and cleanse toxins and harmful substances in the body.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Nutritionist-Endocrinologist João Doctor João
23 years old
Personal practice and statistics in Portugal show how many of us are overweight. More than half of the total population is over 18 years old. In most cases, I will prescribe weight loss pills to Bentolit. This drink has no contraindications and will not cause side effects. Prevent the increase of appetite, improve metabolism, purify toxins in the body. Daily intake for 2-4 weeks can help you quickly reduce 15 to 30 kg without additional physical exercise and diet. It has the same effect on men and women. recommend.
A natural remedy that can reduce 20-30 kg in one month-Bentolit drink

Innovative ways to lose weight! Meet Bentolit bentonite clay fast weight loss drink. At the same time, it acts as an adsorbent-to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. Will not cause addiction, allergic reactions, and will not harm the body. After taking it for a month, it can eliminate 20-30 kg of excess weight!

Bentolit has obtained the EAC mark (Eurasian Mark of Conformity) and has passed clinical trials and research. The manufacturer of the beverage has obtained a patent and other licenses for retail rights in Portugal (the price of the beverage is € 49 in the country).

Bentolit is a beverage powder. One packet (100 grams) is enough to take once a week, and consider using it once a day. Each package contains instructions on how to use it, as well as detailed information about the product and its manufacturer.

Who is Bentolit weight loss drink?

In addition, for many people who have difficulty exercising and strict diets, Bentolit weight loss drinks are an ideal solution. Including men and women during menopause, it is very difficult when the human body gains weight rapidly and loses weight in the context of hormonal changes in the body.

Important notice! In order to obtain the most positive results, it is important to prepare the Bentolit drink correctly, observe the required dosage, and not interrupt the dosing process.

Bentonite for weight loss-performance and application results

Natural Bentonite Bentolit Slimming Drink

First of all, bentonite can prevent the increase in appetite and help eliminate the habit of regular snacking. It has an antibacterial effect, can destroy microorganisms and improve the flora of the stomach. In addition, one of the most important advantages of this substance is its adsorption capacity, which can clean the body of heavy metals (such as zinc, mercury, aluminum), toxins and other toxins. For a long time, scientists have proved and agreed that excessive amounts of these harmful substances are one of the main causes of overweight problems. Bentonite clay additives:

The benefits of bentonite are hard to overestimate. As the main ingredient and main active ingredient of Bentolit powder, each beverage has a similar recovery effect on the human body.

Other ingredients of Bentolit herbal drink:

Usage of Bentolit-How does it work and promote weight loss

The beverage made from the combination of natural bentonite clay and other plant ingredients has a general healing effect on the body, during which the body weight is rapidly reduced. Bentolit drink has reduced appetite after the first use, normalized metabolism and improved digestion. Therefore, in daily use, new fat cells do not have time to deposit, and those have been consumed as fuel. It should be noted that there is no feeling of weakness. The soy protein isolate and oat fiber contained in the composition can supplement the human body with energy required for normal life. It is also important to minimize the risk of gaining weight again after the admission process is over. This is due to the fact that during the ingestion process, the body is cleared of harmful substances that stimulate the desire to eat continuously. Moreover-a food intake system has been established and the habit of regular snacking has been eliminated. To prevent weight gain, Bentolit beverage can be used as a preventive agent (every 1-2 months, depending on the amount of junk food consumed).

Weight loss drink Bentolit-application results

Clinical trial results and consumer reviews

The scientist who developed the Bentolit beverage conducted a clinical trial and the results showed the following results*:


Improve metabolism, clean up toxins and other harmful substances in the body


It can reduce appetite for up to 6 hours and eliminate the habit of frequent snacking


Weight loss in two weeks can reduce 15 kg, and one month intake can reduce 30 kg

* Men and women aged 18 to 55 took this test, divided into groups based on gender and age. The table shows the average of the participants in all groups.

Consumer reviews confirmed that regular intake of beverages can restore health to the entire body, improve overall health, and effectively reduce weight. The beverage properties claimed by the manufacturer are true.

Please note that you can only buy Bentolit diet pills through the official website. Beware of counterfeit products.

How to order real Bentolit in our country (Portugal):

As a result, within 2 to 7 days, you will be able to pick up Bentolit drink and start losing weight quickly, changing your body from the inside out.

Where can I buy Bentolit in Portugal?

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