Smoothies for weight loss and body cleansing

Drinking "live" cocktails is called a detox diet. That said, a smoothie diet for weight loss can also help your body eliminate toxins and waste. Additionally, eating this way will introduce you to new foods and recipes. But smoothies also have taboos. . .Healthy smoothies to lose excess weight and cleanse the body

Smoothie Benefits

  1. these drinksHelps you lose weight without giving up sweetsand turning to a strict "bad" diet.
  2. Smoothies come in a variety of recipes (and flavors) - you can choose one that suits your wallet, palate, and body can cook it yourself, use a blender.
  3. Thick smoothies will quickly fill you up and replace your usual dishes. They are consumed while running (in the subway, while driving, walking), so this type of nutrition delights students, young mothers and careerists. But: You shouldn't gulp down the glass in one gulp—sip smoothies slowly.
  4. These drinks are absorbed faster than solid food, so they won't overload your stomach even if you drink them late.
  5. This diet is suitable for vegetarians and raw food eaters.
  6. Lose -2kg in 3 days drinking smoothies.

Who this diet is not suitable for: Contraindications

  • kidney and liver problems. With a smoothie diet, these organs are forced to work harder. If they can't handle it anymore, there's no point in taking the risk.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders(Frequent diarrhea, intestinal disorders). Smoothies are mostly fiber. By cleansing the stomach, drinks will only exacerbate the listed internal problems.
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding. During this period, strict diets and sudden weight loss are contraindicated.
  • Allergy or intolerance to a certain product. If you're probably already familiar with certain products, "fashion" (spirulina, lavender, acai, bee bread) is the word most people first read. It is not necessary to use such products uncontrollably - start with a food allergy test (conducted in a medical laboratory), or at least introduce the body to a new product little by little.
Finally, drinking smoothies all the time will make your dentist angry. The doctor saidHuman teeth are needed to chew solid food every day, and it is better to eat the same apple in its "natural" form - so that plaque does not accumulate on the teeth, and the gums are "massaged" every day. So you shouldn't "live" on smoothies.

What are the principles for preparing meal smoothies?

It seems like it couldn't be easier: Throw all the fresh stuff you love (or find in the fridge) into a blender and blend. Well, you can also consider the reviews of your friends.A variety of weight loss smoothies made with fresh ingredientsBut things are not that simple!Cocktail recipes are versatile: Helps fight stress or anemia, liver health, weight loss. Therefore, before preparing this or that drink, check how the ingredient will act on the body.Apart from,You just need to use fresh ingredients to cook. Frozen ingredients can also be used, but they must be frozen correctly (shocked, i. e. instant).

Three types of such drinks

Awakening (morning)

Juices and carbohydrate-rich smoothies. Their job is to make sounds and activate the gastrointestinal tract.Recipes may include: bananas, yogurt or cottage cheese, flax seeds, quinoa, steamed oatmeal. Recipe example:
  • 200ml soy milk;
  • 1 banana;
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter;
  • 40ml maple syrup or honey;
  • 40 ml of coffee (preferably espresso).

Nutrition (daily)

Actually,It's a complete lunch.The following foods will help "quench" hunger pangs and provide your body with strength until the end of the day: kale, spinach, spirulina, chia seeds, soy milk.Recipe example:
  • 200ml pineapple juice;
  • 100ml coconut milk;
  • 1 banana;
  • 3 large strawberries.

Calm (evening)

No extra calories, just fast-digesting food that won't strain your stomach.Add to such compositions: herbal preparations, coconut milk or almond milk.Recipe examples. Pour in a cup of hot water (at least 70 degrees):
  • A sprig of fresh mint;
  • 2-3 sprigs of lavender;
  • A slice of lime.
After brewing, puree in a blender and sweeten with honey.

What can be added to such drinks?

The basis of "live" cocktails will bevegetable(except potatoes)Fruits, berries, cereals, nuts, low-fat yogurt.The following ingredients enhance the detoxifying effects of each smoothie and make each drink taste interesting (thereby diversifying the 5- and 7-day diet menus):
  • blue spirulina(This mountain kelp will infuse the cocktail with protein and give it an impressive, heavenly hue);
  • pollen or pollen(Sources of this vitamin can be found in pharmacies and beekeeping markets);
  • Brazilian berry(a valuable antioxidant - berries from the Amazon, available fresh or frozen);
  • maple syrup or honey(Healthy sweeteners, but check the ingredients before purchasing such products);
  • ginger("Immune boosters" make drinks spicier);
  • poppy seeds(nourishing and relaxing);
  • cocoa powder(source of caffeine, and "chocolate mood").
But adding salt and sugar is not recommended. Don’t even get carried away with honey—it’s still a high-calorie product.

Storage of finished product formulas

Generally speaking,Most smoothies can be stored in a clean, airtight container for up to 12 hours.. But - only in the refrigerator or in a thermal bag that allows you to store food at a temperature of +7 degrees Celsius. That said, smoothies are usually prepared in the evening so you can throw a cup in the car and have breakfast on the way to work.
In the cold half of the year, cocktails should not be cooled, but heated (but the temperature of the product does not exceed +50 degrees). The easiest way is to add boiling water to fruits and vegetables. Winter "immune" ingredients are also not superfluous: echinacea tincture, rosehip decoction, ginger, turmeric, royal jelly and other beekeeping products.

How to drink these drinks correctly

  1. This is the main food. Not a dessert or preserve. So don’t drink soup and steak with a smoothie.
  2. I followed this diet for a weekQuit greasy and fried foodsand other delicious but calorie-dense dishes.
  3. Boil it and drink it. "Live" cocktails should not be shaken for future use. Vitamins can be affected by storage (and the drink itself may turn dark and unsightly).
  4. In order for your dieting results to be impressive, you need to pay attention not only to the breakdown of fat;Fill your body with as much clean water as possible. This will help eliminate toxins and maintain your complexion. Therefore, when losing weight, replace your usual coffee and tea with water - regular drinking water or non-carbonated mineral water. No, tea and coffee are not prohibited. But don’t exceed 2 cups a day, but drink about 1. 5 liters of water.
  5. Smoothies can be prepared with a drinking diet, but add more liquid to prevent the cocktail from turning into a mushy mess. Important: Do not forget that a drinking diet is useful only in the first month - after the 30th day, this nutrition can be harmful.

Can I drink it on an empty stomach?

Nutritionists believe that:not worth it. On an empty stomach, it is better to drink water with apple cider vinegar (lemon juice) - it will "wake up" the body. Wait 30 minutes before making yourself a smoothie.
By the way, after drinking such a cocktail, you will no longer need a hearty breakfast. Smoothies are a complete meal in terms of calories and volume. But if you're not full, drink a "live" cocktail 30-40 minutes before your meal (this also applies to lunch and dinner).

Can I have smoothies at night?

Possible, but not recommended. In fact, this drink contains raw vegetables and fruits. This means that such foods should be consumed during the first half of the day, when stomach activity is greatest.However, if you want, it is better to prepare yourself a cocktail like this than to "sin" with a plate of schnitzel.

7 day detox diet

An effective but unusual diet for our people.Vegetable and Fruit Smoothies on the 7-Day Detox DietIn order to further improve the effect, some women will add dieting to dieting.exercise load. But remember: in this case, we're dealing with a low-calorie diet - which means it's important not to overdo it. Don't tire yourself out with dumbbell exercises or half an hour of lunges and squats. Allow yourself to go for a bike ride or a walk in the fresh air. But you can limit yourself to morning exercise every day.

on Monday

1. 5 liters of water and4 servings of fruit and berry smoothies. The latter is better not to be divided into 4 meals, but into 6-8 meals. Choose fresh produce, but frozen products are also available.Avoid high-calorie sweeteners (honey, maple syrup). Of course, no added sugar.


4 fruit smoothies, 250ml each.However, in addition to honey, sweet dried fruits, grapes and bananas are also prohibited on this day.


On Wednesday you can prepare not only fruits but also vegetable smoothies.You should choose the most "weight loss" vegetables - such as celery and cucumber. At the same time, you shouldn't try to "season the pill" by adding salt to your meals. Also, don’t add any spicy spices that will leave you wanting more.


Replenish your desired 4 smoothies for breakfast or dinner, includingA handful of cooked rice, and grilled or boiled vegetables.


4 cocktails+Partially lean meat(veal, beef, chicken, turkey or rabbit). According to the principles of healthy eating, it is very important to cook meat correctly. Boil a piece (in water or steam) or bake it.When cooking chicken tenders, many people worry that it will become too dry in the oven, so they brush the chicken with oil - instead, it's better to wrap the chicken tenders in baking parchment. This way it'll be juicy - and without the extra calories.


  1. breakfast: Buckwheat or oatmeal (or steamed oatmeal).
  2. dinner: Light meats and vegetables. You can cook anything - beef slices stewed with cabbage, steamed chicken chops with steamed vegetables, stir-fried rabbit.
  3. dinner: One serving of unsweetened yogurt or cottage cheese.


Same as Saturday's dish. However, do not eat meat but cook itfish. But it is worth buying low-fat varieties (cod, cod, cod, whiting, pike).You should slowly wean yourself off this eating habit. On day eight, allow yourself to eat one forbidden food (or slightly increase the allowed portion size of a low-fat healthy food).

Comments on Smoothie Diet

satisfied womenPeople who have tried the "Live" cocktail to lose weight boast:
  • This diet is delicious and satisfying;
  • It's trendy, trendy, youthful (and Instagrammable), and there's no shame in bringing a smoothie to class or work;
  • The colorful cocktails are a feast for the eyes;
  • You can cook it with anything (even tomatoes and celery, even strawberries and milk);
  • Cooking is easy – no need to stand over the stove (a career woman or student’s dream when it comes to cooking);
  • Such nutrients purify the body;
  • Throughout the diet, there was a pleasant lightness to the body, not bordering on impotence, but bordering on robustness.
  • Such nutrients can improve skin tone;
  • You can lose -8 kg in 2 weeks.
However, not everyone's weight loss is smooth sailing. Negative comments are few and far between but still there. Here's what they write: In the off-season, such food is expensive (however, you can't buy the same spirulina in the summer), and the recipe is not suitable for committed meat eaters - they will suffer from severe hunger.